Mazda Truck Bed Extenders And Bed Steps

Truck Bed Extenders

A Bed Extender or Tailgate Extenders increase your truck bed's load hauling area. Most work well with truck tonneau covers, fold up when not in use and many can be converted to a cargo gate. Hitch load extenders mount right into your receiver hitch and extend your load hauling ability past your tailgate for carrying long loads.

Truck BedSteps

As trucks have gotten taller and buyers have grown older, the effort required to get into the pickup bed has become more of an issue. So much so that recently manufacturers started equipping their new trucks with steps to make it easier to access the bed. But you don’t have to buy a new truck to get this convenient feature. We have truck bed steps that can be mounted at the bed sides and at the rear of the truck, including models that flip down and then retract out of the way when not needed. We also have tailgate steps and ladders that allow you to easily step right up into the bed. more details on -